ERP solution for steel company only.
Steel Wizard

Steel Wizard was developed to help steel company to manage below. steelwizard is a program optimized for steel production operations and distribution business.

Managing various items of metal

With steel Wizard program, you can easily manage a variety of steel items. also,You can manage the unit weight of steel and non-ferrous metals.You can easily manage a variety of dimensions and materials of steel.

Automation of working

Steel wizard is designed to linkage system. For example, Only fill out a quote form is also linked to invoice form. So,You can work out in duplicate. And it provides various forms required for the work in progress. You can e-mail sent to customers immediately.

Individual management system

Management is precisely from the purchase of raw materials to production and sales. Therefore, The exact individual costs can be calculated to reflect the processing cost and the cost of moving. Steel wizard can provide a thorough inventory record management system.

Free Mobile Support.

The steel Wizard provides the ios and Android applications. Using the Steel Wizard mobile app, you can view the main screen of your ERP system,in real time. Mobile App is available for free by creating a customer code.

Version features details

Steel wizard has two versions.Plus version and the Pro version are them.The Plus version includes the essential features in steel distribution. The Pro version is a higher version then Plus version.It includes the features of the Plus version, production features have been added.It provides the ability to manage a process of slitting and shearing, etc. required for the coil center


  • Customer Order
  • Purchase
  • Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • Barcode
  • Performance
  • Distribution version


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  • features
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  • PLUS
  • version
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  • production
  • Foundry bill
  • Production version

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Steel Wizard has been used in various countries that have different units of weight and monetary. Try Steel Wizard.

Program Screenshots.

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What People Are Saying.

  • The steel Wizard is very convenient because it automatically calculates the unit weight. It is great to use because they are designed to fit the workflow of the United States. In particular, various documents that are automatically configured are very good.The maintenance costs are reduced because the fees are low compared to other ERP.

    Director of the company'M'
  • The steel Wizard is manage the stock accurately. Inventory Traceability function is very helpful. If your employees enter data incorrectly, it can be properly corrected by using the inventory history tracking feature. It's very easy.

    Director of the company'T'